Deconstructing Obama Disinformation Agents


About four years ago, I wrote at a former blog on what I suspect is a small sampling of a larger network of organized disinformation agents: Bill Ayers, Webster Tarpley, Jack Cashill, and Barack Obama. Below is an edited excerpt from that post — I closed that blog years ago.

Central to my story is the idea put forth by Jack Cashill suggesting Bill Ayers — “unrepentant terrorist” from the Weather Underground — authored Obama’s ‘Dreams From My Father.’ I know it’s not a current subject of interest, but I still find it enlightening four years later and haven’t wavered in the meaning I attached to the ‘disinformation’ I found. Besides, Jack Cashill got a lot of attention for his ‘theory’ — he published an entire book on the subject, ‘Deconstructing Obama’ — it seems only fair that I provide a fuller picture of his claims.

Edited excerpt from my blog post, originally posted in 2011:

In the run up to the 2008 election, Bill Ayers provided the perfect distraction for Barack Obama as member of the Global Mafia. Face it, you don’t bomb the Pentagon, destroy computer tapes containing classified information, and then walk away “guilty as hell, and free as a bird” without help from the federal government. And the Global Mafia has infected the federal government.

Like a lot of people, I was compelled by Jack Cashill’s work, in 2009, uncovering the similarities between Bill Ayers’ writing and Barack Obama’s autobiography, ‘Dreams from my Father.’ Mr. Cashill uncovered numerous compelling similarities in writing style, use of metaphor, and skill level.

However, Mr. Cashill’s most compelling find was the discovery that both Bill Ayers and Barack Obama had borrowed the same line from a Carl Sandburg poem to describe the city of Chicago — and incredibly, both men misquoted that line in exactly the same way.

On June 28, 2009, Jack Cashill reported (emph. mine):

“What Mr. Midwest noticed recently is that both Ayers in [A Kind and Just] Parent and Obama in Dreams [From My Father] make reference to the poet Carl Sandburg. In itself, this is not a grand revelation. Let us call it a C-level match. Obama and Ayers seem to have shared the same library in any case. Both talk of reading the books of Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, W.E.B. Dubois and Frantz Fanon among others. In fact, each misspells “Frantz” as “Franz.”

Ayers and Obama, however, go beyond citing Sandburg. Each quotes the opening line of his poem “Chicago.”

From Dreams:

He poured himself more hot water. “What do you know about Chicago anyway?”

I thought a moment. “Hog butcher to the world,” I said finally.

From Parent:

At the turn of the century, Chicago had a population of a million people and was a young and muscular city – hub of commerce and industry, the first skyscraper city, home of the famous world exposition, “hog butcher to the world” – bursting with energy.

This I would call a B-level match. What raises it up a notch to an A-level match is the fact that both misquote “Chicago,” and they do so in exactly the same way. The poem actually opens, “Hog butcher for the world.”


If taken at face value, this is a pretty damning find, indeed. However, I believe that Jack Cashill fooled his audience. The only person his ‘find’ damns is Jack Cashill, and the revelation he presented appears to be part of a broader disinformation effort.

It’s not that Jack Cashill failed to research and report on the handful of other authors who also used the same misquote in their own published writings – found by other researchers. (Although, a hallmark of disinformation is that with very little effort, it can be discredited to the point of ridicule.) I can easily forgive Mr. Cashill for doing weak, but honest, research. No one is perfect.

And besides, the coincidence is compelling, none-the-less.

However, what I cannot forgive is that Jack Cashill failed to report that the same exact misquote that appears in Barack Obama’s ‘authorized’ autobiography, ‘Dreams From My Father,’ also appears in his scathing Unauthorized biography, too.

Incredibly, in 2008 – a year before Jack Cashill reported on the Sandburg-quote anomaly – Webster Griffin Tarpley wrote the following, on page 187, of his book, ‘Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography’ (emph. mine):

To estimate the real dimensions of the bipartisan Illinois Combine, we call on Evelyn Pringle, an expert in the ethnic labyrinths that are now the city of broad shoulders and former hog butcher to the world.


Yep, that’s right. The same Carl Sandburg misquote appears in two books written about the same man: Barack Obama.

And, one of those authors is allegedly Barack Obama, himself.

Interesting, eh? And, not just any two books, either…these two books are the antithesis of one another. In Dreams, Obama presents himself as your own personal messiah, in the Unauthorized version, he is a crooked, corrupt mess.

And, the same misquote also appears in a book penned by Bill Ayers. Further, in A Just and Kind Parent, Barack Obama’s reported pal, Bill Ayers, says Chicago is a “muscular city;” while Obama’s nemesis, Webster Tarpley, took rightful notice of its “broad shoulders” and then ripped Obama and the Chicago Machine a new one.

So, what the hell is going on? Isn’t this an A-level match, too?

If Jack Cashill’s ‘breakthrough’ is an A-level match, then surely he must believe that what I spotted is an A++level match. There aren’t that many authors identically misquoting Carl Sandburg to explain it away. But, it all makes terrible, tragic, perfect sense.

In my opinion, this A++level match is a clue to the truth: Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, Webster Griffin Tarpley, and Jack Cashill all play for the same team. And they spread disinformation sanctioned by the Global Mafia.

I am not faulting Jack Cashill for not doing the research it took me to find this little oddity in Webster Tarpley’s book – because it was just luck that led me to it. However, I am faulting him for not reporting on it in the four years since I first emailed this discovery to him. And, although Mr. Cashill responded to me and claimed he went through Tarpley’s book – and said he found more similarities to likely humor me – he never told anyone a damn thing about it.

It goes beyond unethical, dishonest, and self-preserving…it’s a shameful cover-up of the truth.

The Global Mafia controls all sides of the story that is Barack Obama. Most of what we know about him comes from disinformation.

And this glimpse into the world of how the Global Mafia spreads disinformation appears to support the suggestion that a shadow group operates within the federal government which supports terrorism — like the Weather Underground — and that terrorism supports the shadow government, in return. And after having studied this small twisted ball, this revelation casts a new sinister light on those computer tapes filled with classified information, at the Pentagon, which were destroyed by the Weathermen’s bombs, in 1973.

And if the Global Mafia operating within our federal government supported something and someone horrific, in 1973, was it the first and only time?

Take from my story what you will, but I believe the disinformation runs much deeper than most people can imagine.


Pia, the Mummified Woman from Pontiac, Has a Story to Tell

Pia Farrankopf

Pia Farrenkopf

In the last seven years, I have opened my eyes to the the truth: Our federal government is run by a shadow global mafia that has infiltrated both major political parties. From my perspective, a ‘rift’ between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is laughable smoke & mirrors. I assert that my conclusion is as reasonable as anyone else’s, too — not just because Obama nominated Hillary as Secretary of State (although I do scoff at the idea he was somehow strong-armed into choosing her). My perspective is reasonable for other reasons and I hope telling the story of Pia Farrenkopf — the mummified woman found dead in Pontiac, Michigan, in March 2014 — will be an interesting and succinct way to show how reasonable my cynicism is.


I happened upon the story of Pia’s death when her body was first found. In reading about her, I was able to link Pia’s death to one of the biggest web of conspiracy theories in the history of the U.S. government. I believe, even today, that the connections I noticed are important in uncovering what happened to cause Pia to lie dead in her garage at her home in Pontiac, Michigan for five years — unnoticed. This post is not intended to point the finger at any one person, instead, it’s intended to highlight certain circumstantial evidence pointing to a larger shadow network embroiled in the domestic spying controversies surrounding the computer program PRISM and its parent, PROMIS. If you aren’t familiar with PRISM and PROMIS, I have included a brief summary.

Rather than restate the pieces of Pia’s story with my own words, I’ll leave it to you to decide how important the pieces are and give as little narrative as I can to make it cohesive.

To begin, I’d like to provide some background on PRISM and PROMIS for those unfamiliar with these computer programs.


PRISM, PROMIS, and Systematics, Inc. (later Alltel)

“Using a powerful computer program known as PRISM, the U.S. government has been downloading vast amounts of communications data and mining it for counterterrorism purposes. But these capabilities began more than three decades ago with the controversial PROMIS software…”


For anyone who hasn’t heard of PROMIS, it is software linked to a complex network of domestic and global spying involving every president since the 1980s. A company in Little Rock, Arkansas — Systematics, Inc. — is alleged to be behind adapting the PROMIS software to their core banking systems allowing backdoor access to data used to predict changes in the global economy and perhaps even launder money. The company was started by Jackson Stephens — Bill Clinton’s former financier — and Systematics installed their core banking systems in major financial institutions across the globe throughout three decades. In 1990, the company was bought out by Alltel, changing it’s name.

The Clintons, Bush Sr., and the CIA are alleged to be deeply involved in many of the crimes said to have been committed through PROMIS. In fact, PROMIS software is linked to facilitating the covert funding of unauthorized intelligence operations.

The tentacles of the PROMIS controversies may even extend further to Reagan and Carter. PROMIS and Systematics even play a central role in the Vince Foster/Hillary Clinton/Rose Law Firm conspiracy theories.

Needless to say, the allegations pertaining to PROMIS are so complex, I can’t possibly cover them in this post . Honestly, I can barely grasp them myself. I’ve selected a few links to lay the background for those unfamiliar and wanting to go deeper. Read them with caution, I don’t guarantee the accuracy of these sources — in fact, I only skimmed them. I just want to provide some kind of overview, please do the research you are comfortable with. This is just a starting point — there is a plethora of information to be found.

Bush, PROMIS, Inslaw: Link

The Clintons, PROMIS, Systematics, Inc. (later Altell): Link

“Systematics – since purchased by Alltel – an Arkansas financial and technical firm headed by billionaire Jackson Stephens, has often been reported as the primary developer of Promis for financial intelligence use. Systematics through its various evolutions had been a primary supplier of software used in inter-bank and international money transfers for many years. Attorneys who have been connected to Systematics and Promis include Webster Hubbell, Hillary Clinton and the late Vince Foster.”

So…why am I providing you with this background?

Pia Farrankopf, the mummified woman from Pontiac, Michigan, had a 23 year history working for Systematics, Inc. (later Alltel), that traces back to Little Rock, Arkansas.


Pia Farrankopf, the Mummified Woman

The story of Pia’s death is best told with the statements from her family and friends, as reported by the press. In fact, it was those details that led me to look closer, prompting me to connect Pia’s death to her former job with Systematics/Alltel.

In March 2014, The Detroit Free Press reported:

On March 5, 2014, Matthew Anderson and Charles Goff walked into the two-car garage and saw the SUV parked there. Goff later told deputies he saw what he thought was a Halloween mask in the backseat and opened the back door.


“It smelled like death,” Goff said.


The pair ran from the house and called 911.


Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene and made a stunning discovery: Pia Farrenkopf, dressed in a black jacket, blue shirt and jeans, was slumped in the back of the SUV, her knees behind the driver’s seat.


Her body had mummified and was frozen to the backseat. Spider webs coated the inside of the vehicle. More than $500 in cash was found in her pocket.


The key was partially in the ignition. The Jeep still had 21/2 gallons of gas in the tank. About 200 pieces of unopened mail were scattered inside the SUV postmarked from 2005 to 2007. Near her body was an almost empty bottle of wine — with no fingerprints on it. And empty cigarette packs littered the garage floor.


It appears Farrenkopf, who lived alone, died alone in early 2009, said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. Deputies checked credit card activity, subpoenaed bank, phone and health records searching for clues and created a timeline of her last known activity to try to narrow down when she died.


Pia led a life isolated from her family due to her commitment to her job. She had moved to Pontiac Michigan from Little Rock, around 2006, and continued to work for Alltel under yet a new name: Fidelity National Information Services.

At Alltel, Pia installed core banking systems across the globe. It wasn’t unusual for family and friends to go months or longer without speaking to her. In fact, Pia’s family and friends felt her job was such an important clue to her death that they reported to the press about an argument Pia had with her former boss.

The media reported the following concerning Pia’s job:

One of Pia’s family members did try to call in 2012, to tell of her mother’s death, but no one answered or called back.


Meanwhile, mortgage payments kept being withdrawn automatically from the woman’s bank accounts, which had substantial balances left from Pia’s job at ALLTEL Information Services, where she had once worked as a programmer of bank software.


She attended UMass Boston on and off and also took classes at nearby Bunker Hill Community College in 1985, but didn’t graduate from either, school records showed. By the 1990s, she was working for a technology company in Little Rock, Ark., programming banking software for loan applications.


Strack, who had worked with Farrenkopf when the two lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, said she was ‘fun to be around’ and ‘very, very good at her job,’ and traveled to Scotland and England and throughout the US for work.


In May 2008, Farrenkopf resigned from her job in Michigan with Fidelity National Information Services — previously known as ALLTEL Information Services — after 23 years with the company. Company officials called her “an exemplary employee” in a statement to the Free Press but didn’t elaborate on the circumstances surrounding her departure.


One of her sisters said she heard from coworkers that Farrenkopf got into an argument with a boss and resigned. Pia’s friend said she had no direct knowledge of what happened, but heard she tried to retract her resignation and was told no.


Her family told the press they suspected she was murdered:

Logan told the Free Press she believes her sister was murdered, though she doesn’t have proof. She thinks her sister’s behavior indicates she was in fear of something or someone. Logan is considering asking a TV show that deals in unsolved mysteries to look into the case further.


“There’s got to be something there that somebody missed,” she said.

“I just hope people don’t give up,” she said.


When I originally read Pia’s story, I overlooked her connection to Systematics/Alltel. But just as I ended the article that I first happened on, a curious detail jumped out at me:

Nov. 2, 2010: Voting records showed Farrenkopf casting a ballot in the gubernatorial election, but investigators said they believe it’s an error in the records and she didn’t vote.


***Someone voted using Pia’s name two years after she died and three years before her body was found.***

Michigan voting authorities chalked it up to an administrative error, but offered no evidence or explanation.

And, I wasn’t the only one who noticed it:

Authorities say they think the remains belong to Farrenkopf, whom they believe died in 2008. But the mystery turned even murkier Monday.


Voting records show that Farrenkopf voted in Michigan’s November 2010 gubernatorial election, the Detroit Free Press reported.


Farrenkopf, who would be 49, registered to vote in 2006 but did not vote until 2010, and that the vote may have been an administrative error, they revealed. Otherwise, the ghastly discovery may have uncovered something politically nefarious.


So, to recap Pia’s story:

Pia died under mysterious circumstances. Her family and friends believe she may have been murdered. They also believed she was in fear for her life, and reported she had an argument with her former boss, at Alltel.

AND, the very best lead that investigators have into a criminal investigation is the fact that someone with an interest in voter fraud also knew Pia was dead in her garage and would not be voting in the 2010 Michigan governor’s election.

Without so much as a shred of evidence, the best lead has been dismissed as a probable administrative error by Michigan election officials.

But my perspective calls that explanation into question.


ENTER Obama’s uncle, Cecil Goeldner

A few years ago, I was researching some other information and came across a web address belonging to Obama’s uncle, Cecil Goeldner. It was defunct, but the waybackmachine pulled it up and I found myself reading Cecil’s personal website that documented his family, career, and interests. Cecil published his story in 2001 and, by 2003, *poof* he pulled it down.

Anyway, Cecil Goeldner married Stanley Dunham’s sister, Virginia Dunham. They met while both worked at Boeing in Kansas. Cecil would go on to become a computer programmer after working and studying in the data processing division of Boeing.

Cecil’s website provides an incredible glimpse into Obama’s family, and shows that Obama is not quite the outsider he has pretended to be. His familial ties link closely back to Hillary Clinton, Vince Foster, and the Rose Law Firm. I encourage anyone interested to read it. You can view it through the way back machine here: Link

To continue, apparently Cecil Goeldner spent 30 years with Systematics, Inc./Alltel — doing exactly the same job that Pia did: installing core banking systems across the globe.

From Cecil’s website:

For more than 35 years, I’ve been a “Hired Gun”, successfully extracting and separating banks from some of their money. Well, I guess a better way of putting it would be that I’ve been employeed by some of the finest bank computer software and service providers for the past three and a half decades and have thus managed to eke out a reasonably comfortable existance for myself and family.


Major Assignments:
Have installed and tested all Systematics software products at dozens of domestic client locations as well as many major international institutions in England, large banks in Puerto Rico, the National Bank of Greece and Riyadh Bank of Saudi Arabia.

Developed the source translator system for the international version of Systematics software.

Assisted in opening first SI data center in England and consulted with client (American Express) in the conversion to Systematics ATM Card processing for U.S. Military personnel in England and Germany.

Accessible through the way back machine here: Link

Although local press reported on Cecil’s occupation, it wasn’t until  AFTER the 2008 election:

In time, Cecil distinguished himself as a pilot and later as an employee of a company called Systematics, now known as Alltel, where he installed some of the first data processing machines/automated banking programs. He worked there for 30 years. He then retired. Throughout his career, he traveled extensively to places such as Greece, England, and Puerto Rico.  “I was the first technical person our clients saw. As soon as I acquired a check, I was the one to make new systems operable. The National Bank of Greece was our first client,” he recalls. “There was another trip, this one to Saudi Arabia, that he speaks of in detail. No one wanted to go there, but I agreed to,” he said. Virginia usually traveled with Cecil.

Accessible through the way back machine here: Link

So…as it turns out, there is an amazing set of circumstances that should cause an investigator to pause before accepting that Pia’s fraudulent Michigan vote is nothing more than a coincidental, unexplained administrative error.

But, you know what they say, voter fraud is not real. Politicians cheat? Never.


To recap once more:

Pia Farrankopf was dead in her garage for five years. She worked for a company with deep ties to some major scandals involving illegal government spying. She was reported to have argued with her former boss at Alltel. She installed core banking systems linked with a major banking spy scandal. She work for many years with Obama’s uncle — and he may have even been her boss at some point and traveled with her to install Systematics core banking systems across the globe. And, someone with an interest in voter fraud is the best lead in a criminal investigation…

…with that, I’ll leave you with this snip from an article dated November 13, 2008, and I want you to ask yourself, “What could a 70-year old couple from Maumelle, Arkansas be so concerned about?”

(Virginia Dunham) Goeldner said she told only a few close friends about her nephew, for fear that someone might do something that would hurt his chances to get elected.

No longer available — not even through the way back machine, but originally found here:

However, a reprint can be viewed here: Link

(originally posted at ATS)