Deconstructing Obama Disinformation Agents


About four years ago, I wrote at a former blog on what I suspect is a small sampling of a larger network of organized disinformation agents: Bill Ayers, Webster Tarpley, Jack Cashill, and Barack Obama. Below is an edited excerpt from that post — I closed that blog years ago.

Central to my story is the idea put forth by Jack Cashill suggesting Bill Ayers — “unrepentant terrorist” from the Weather Underground — authored Obama’s ‘Dreams From My Father.’ I know it’s not a current subject of interest, but I still find it enlightening four years later and haven’t wavered in the meaning I attached to the ‘disinformation’ I found. Besides, Jack Cashill got a lot of attention for his ‘theory’ — he published an entire book on the subject, ‘Deconstructing Obama’ — it seems only fair that I provide a fuller picture of his claims.

Edited excerpt from my blog post, originally posted in 2011:

In the run up to the 2008 election, Bill Ayers provided the perfect distraction for Barack Obama as member of the Global Mafia. Face it, you don’t bomb the Pentagon, destroy computer tapes containing classified information, and then walk away “guilty as hell, and free as a bird” without help from the federal government. And the Global Mafia has infected the federal government.

Like a lot of people, I was compelled by Jack Cashill’s work, in 2009, uncovering the similarities between Bill Ayers’ writing and Barack Obama’s autobiography, ‘Dreams from my Father.’ Mr. Cashill uncovered numerous compelling similarities in writing style, use of metaphor, and skill level.

However, Mr. Cashill’s most compelling find was the discovery that both Bill Ayers and Barack Obama had borrowed the same line from a Carl Sandburg poem to describe the city of Chicago — and incredibly, both men misquoted that line in exactly the same way.

On June 28, 2009, Jack Cashill reported (emph. mine):

“What Mr. Midwest noticed recently is that both Ayers in [A Kind and Just] Parent and Obama in Dreams [From My Father] make reference to the poet Carl Sandburg. In itself, this is not a grand revelation. Let us call it a C-level match. Obama and Ayers seem to have shared the same library in any case. Both talk of reading the books of Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, W.E.B. Dubois and Frantz Fanon among others. In fact, each misspells “Frantz” as “Franz.”

Ayers and Obama, however, go beyond citing Sandburg. Each quotes the opening line of his poem “Chicago.”

From Dreams:

He poured himself more hot water. “What do you know about Chicago anyway?”

I thought a moment. “Hog butcher to the world,” I said finally.

From Parent:

At the turn of the century, Chicago had a population of a million people and was a young and muscular city – hub of commerce and industry, the first skyscraper city, home of the famous world exposition, “hog butcher to the world” – bursting with energy.

This I would call a B-level match. What raises it up a notch to an A-level match is the fact that both misquote “Chicago,” and they do so in exactly the same way. The poem actually opens, “Hog butcher for the world.”


If taken at face value, this is a pretty damning find, indeed. However, I believe that Jack Cashill fooled his audience. The only person his ‘find’ damns is Jack Cashill, and the revelation he presented appears to be part of a broader disinformation effort.

It’s not that Jack Cashill failed to research and report on the handful of other authors who also used the same misquote in their own published writings – found by other researchers. (Although, a hallmark of disinformation is that with very little effort, it can be discredited to the point of ridicule.) I can easily forgive Mr. Cashill for doing weak, but honest, research. No one is perfect.

And besides, the coincidence is compelling, none-the-less.

However, what I cannot forgive is that Jack Cashill failed to report that the same exact misquote that appears in Barack Obama’s ‘authorized’ autobiography, ‘Dreams From My Father,’ also appears in his scathing Unauthorized biography, too.

Incredibly, in 2008 – a year before Jack Cashill reported on the Sandburg-quote anomaly – Webster Griffin Tarpley wrote the following, on page 187, of his book, ‘Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography’ (emph. mine):

To estimate the real dimensions of the bipartisan Illinois Combine, we call on Evelyn Pringle, an expert in the ethnic labyrinths that are now the city of broad shoulders and former hog butcher to the world.


Yep, that’s right. The same Carl Sandburg misquote appears in two books written about the same man: Barack Obama.

And, one of those authors is allegedly Barack Obama, himself.

Interesting, eh? And, not just any two books, either…these two books are the antithesis of one another. In Dreams, Obama presents himself as your own personal messiah, in the Unauthorized version, he is a crooked, corrupt mess.

And, the same misquote also appears in a book penned by Bill Ayers. Further, in A Just and Kind Parent, Barack Obama’s reported pal, Bill Ayers, says Chicago is a “muscular city;” while Obama’s nemesis, Webster Tarpley, took rightful notice of its “broad shoulders” and then ripped Obama and the Chicago Machine a new one.

So, what the hell is going on? Isn’t this an A-level match, too?

If Jack Cashill’s ‘breakthrough’ is an A-level match, then surely he must believe that what I spotted is an A++level match. There aren’t that many authors identically misquoting Carl Sandburg to explain it away. But, it all makes terrible, tragic, perfect sense.

In my opinion, this A++level match is a clue to the truth: Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, Webster Griffin Tarpley, and Jack Cashill all play for the same team. And they spread disinformation sanctioned by the Global Mafia.

I am not faulting Jack Cashill for not doing the research it took me to find this little oddity in Webster Tarpley’s book – because it was just luck that led me to it. However, I am faulting him for not reporting on it in the four years since I first emailed this discovery to him. And, although Mr. Cashill responded to me and claimed he went through Tarpley’s book – and said he found more similarities to likely humor me – he never told anyone a damn thing about it.

It goes beyond unethical, dishonest, and self-preserving…it’s a shameful cover-up of the truth.

The Global Mafia controls all sides of the story that is Barack Obama. Most of what we know about him comes from disinformation.

And this glimpse into the world of how the Global Mafia spreads disinformation appears to support the suggestion that a shadow group operates within the federal government which supports terrorism — like the Weather Underground — and that terrorism supports the shadow government, in return. And after having studied this small twisted ball, this revelation casts a new sinister light on those computer tapes filled with classified information, at the Pentagon, which were destroyed by the Weathermen’s bombs, in 1973.

And if the Global Mafia operating within our federal government supported something and someone horrific, in 1973, was it the first and only time?

Take from my story what you will, but I believe the disinformation runs much deeper than most people can imagine.


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